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We have a deep understanding of the business and have tailored our services to meet the unique needs of McDonald Operators. Our services include:

Financial Audits

– Compilation of monthly financial statements
– Monthly cash flow trend analysis and viability assessments
– Financial and management reporting
– Accounts payable/bill paying
– Revenue/sales verification and reporting
– Information management

Tax and Accounting Services

– Strategic tax planning to minimize taxes

– Tax preparation
– Family estate and gift planning
– Next Generation Planning


Whether you are a plant touching or non-plant touching business operating in the cannabis space, we understand the needs and complexities associated with the cannabis industry; and have tailored services to assist you. The following are services that we provide to cannabis related companies:

Tax Services

– 280E Tax Planning and Solutions
– Advisory on corporate structure
– Federal, State and Local tax preparation

Assurance Services

– Financial Statement Audits
– Financial Statement Reviews
– Cash Handling Control Assessments

Advisory Services

– Temporary CFO Services
– Outsourced Accounting Functions
– Other Back Office Services
– Financial Close and Audit Readiness


City governments and special districts are complex entities with an overwhelming amount of compliance and regulation requirements. We have over a deep understanding on the requirements related to local municipalities and are more than capable of assisting them in their needs. Here are the services that we provide to local municipalities:

Assurance Services

– GASB Financial Statement Audits
– Uniform Guidance Single Audits
– Transient Occupancy Tax AUPs
– Program Specific Audits
– Other Agreed-Upon Procedures
– DCR Reviews
– Compliance Audits

Advisory Services

– Audit Readiness
– Outsourced Accounting Functions
– CAFR Preparation (GFOA)
– Sub-recipient monitoring assessments
– Internal Audit Sourcing
– Internal Control Assessments
– Material Weakness remediation


Not-for-profit organizations are extremely important to society as well as the economy. It’s important that your Not-for-profit organization works with the right advisors to ensure the viability and sustainability of your organization. Our experts have 20 plus years of experience working with Not-for-Profits such as social welfare, healthcare, foundations, and education based organizations. Here are the services that we provide NFPs:

Assurance Services

– Financial Statement Audits
– Financial Statement Reviews
– Uniform Guidance
– Program Specific Audits
– Compliance Audits
– Agreed-Upon Procedures
– DCR Reviews

Advisory Services

– Audit Readiness
– Outsourced Accounting Functions
– Temporary CFO and Controller Services
– Sub-recipeint monitoring assessment
– Internal Control assessment
– Material Weakness Remediation

Tax Services

– 990 Preparation


We provide tax planning and preparation for private clients and home offices. In addition, we also provide back office support and assurance services for home offices. Contact us today to learn more.



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